Practice News

16th Feb

PLT - Wednesday 21st February

Wealden Ridge Medical Partnership will be closed for staff training between 12.30 – 18.30 today, Wednesday 21st February. For medical attention during this time please call 01323 402710.

For non-urgent assistance with medication or minor illness, please contact your local pharmacist.

Please do not contact 111 between these hours.

Thank you for your co-operation



15th Dec 2023

Help us to help you this Winter

What we need people to do:

Help Us Help You…make the right choice
Know the services available to you and use the right one for your needs at the right time.

Help Us help You…stay well this winter
Take responsibility for your own health and wellness, by staying as healthy as possible, looking after yourself and asking for support when you need it.

Help Us Help You…by looking out for others
Look out for your neighbours, relatives and friends to help them stay healthy and seek help if they become ill.

Help Us Help You…stay protected
Get your Covid-19 and flu vaccinations if you are eligible as soon as possible.

Help Us Help You…by respecting staff
Be respectful to health and care staff and remember they are trying to help you and others as quickly as they can.
By committing to these actions, together we will help make sure you and others get the support and care you need this winter.

For more information visit our Help Us Help You webpages: Help Us Help You this winter – Sussex Health and Care (